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November 27, 2013



I like this fellow's ad. The ad I do not like is Houston lawyer Eric Dick's ad in Bastrop County (at least) that reads "Need A Lawyer? Hire A Dick."

Melody Byrd

David does rock. As an attorney, a person, and on stage. He really does care about his clients. In fact, they are not clients to him, they are people. People who he can and does help. That is what he is all about in his personal life and his business. Music is one of the few things he does for himself and he is a hell of a lot of fun to watch on stage. Dharma Kings Rule!!!!!!!!

Yarz Monte

David is a truly great person. I've known many lawyers and judges through my time, David is far more than just a lawyer - he's a good guy who really cares.

Debbie Russell

Lisa: you are incorrect. The Oxford English Dictionary says:

"It is sometimes argued that, in relative clauses, *that* should be used for human references: a house that overlooks the park but the woman who lives next door. In practice, while it is true to say that *who* is restricted to human references, the function of *that* is flexible. It has been used for human and non-human references since at least the 11th century. In standard English it is interchangeable with *who* in this context."

Debbie Russell


"...smelly weed smoking hippie" went out with "pinko commie." Your feeble attempt to disparage him with insults highly suggests you have no credibility to judge.

Lisa Solomon

I hope he has someone else write his briefs, too. The billboards should read: "The attorney who rocks."


The only thing this clown can do is play a guitar which he sucks at it and his voice is terrible. He is a smelly weed smoking hippie.

victor orsatti

What To Bring When Hiring A Criminal Attorney

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