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September 30, 2013



Texas fans will complain but the stadium will be full further proving that they are as stupid as this guy thinks they are.


Love what Joe has done for the University. However it is easy to be blinded by Mack Brown, who has done great things for Texas. This is not a one year problem with Mack, it is going on 3 plus years now and has zero signs on getting better, check recruiting.

The problem these BMD's and some of the school officials see to have is that their point of view is different than the millions of Longhorn fans. They see a man who is bringing in money to the university and I understand that. The rest, vast majority, see a man who has lost his edge and is bringing the program he help build back to what it is, down to where it was when he took over.

Unfortunately as smart as these guys, obviously are, they may not see reason until the money side takes a downturn, which lags the fans losing interest. By then it will be too late.

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