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September 03, 2013


Rayann Keyes

Kelly, You recently referred to a bipolar suspect as a"Kook" and said they got a free pass because of their mental illness. I have a degree in criminal justice/paralegal studies w an emphasis on CSI. I am also a medicated bipolar. I know you probably didn't mean to sound the way you did however there are many bipolar people living productive lives who are not kooks and who fight this stigma daily. Please don't perpetuate this prejudice viewpoint of people w mental illness.

Rayann Keyes

tom jones

his whole family should be charged too for lying to the authorities and covering up the murder

kathy robertson

Hello Kelly, our father 83 years old stab to death at his home in 2000 please help


Case was ruled a mistrial but he pled and got 22 yrs


They did do a Sandusky County show not aired yet. But,, the same cops that are on the show have failed MANY family and their lack of job performances or investigations. They rule accidental suicide and don't investigate. The Ohio AG has stepped in one a few. So why reward lazy cops when they are failing. Sandusky county does not look for the truth! They look to rule on a case and close it!!! Check out Justice for Jake & Ella on Facebook to view proof of the bs they pull!


I would also like to know if the case of Pamela Shelly has gone to trial yet? The show is great, but updates would really be nice.

Betty Thompson

Hello Kelly,

I/m a retired nurse and I am trying to solve my children's father and my ex-husbands murder. Dale Thompson was murdered on Nov. 20, 1994 one Sunday evening he and his girlfriend an Eleanor Gilliam lived together in the suburb of Dayton, Ohio in the Belmont area. My husband was severely beaten up just moments before he was shot and killed. When para-medics arrived they put into their report that my husband had been shot on the right side of his face, and another GSW under his right nipple in his chest area. The truth is my husband was shot on the left side of his back in his 9th. rib area and bullet landed in his right shoulder. Before Mr. T was shot he wrote our son Mike this note: Mike, I hate her, I hate her, They're going to shoot me. and then they did. This is a plural statement meaning more than one person being at his house, but his girlfriend said she was the only one there and that my husband shot himself in his back. He had no soot, no scorching, and no tattooing found on his hands or body, I say his autopsy several times and the pathologist said it was impossible for him to shoot himself in his back. We have 3/Versions as to what happened that day. 1. He was shot on the right side of his face, under his right nipple, and his brain matter was found on the carpet. 2. Police and Homicide said he was drunk and fell up against the wall and shot himself on the left side of his back. Also there was never a Police report until May 2012, the Police Department said the original one was lost in the Dayton, Police Department system in 1994. I've written a book it's called New Year's Eve Murder, "The Un-Solved Murder of Mr. T." Murdered by Girlfriend. Go to Google and you can find it. Please help me solve his murder my contact info is Betty Thompson e-mail address is:

ron williams

Has the case involving Pamela Shelley gone to trial yet? Outcome?

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