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January 04, 2013


Ron Collins

1. Re Title IX, 1972 Education Amendments Act, to what extent do VAWA-funded federal agencies or any of their grantees practice discrimination regarding education, on any basis, including but not limited to sex?

2. Re US Constitution, Amendment I, how does the 19-year total body of VAWA case law, in all jurisdictions, represent these protections against abridgement of religious, speech, assembly, press, and petition-for-redress freedoms?

3. Re Amendment II, what are the legal doctrines and precedent rulings that guide the removal of and restriction from firearms, in cases involving a VAWA-related charge?

4. Re Amndt IV, how is "reasonable" defined in VAWA cases, regarding what is or is not reasonable search and seizure?

5. Re Amndt V, to what extent have VAWA defendants been compelled to self-incriminate, or in other respects be denied equal protection of the Law?

6. Re Amndt VI, to what extent have the rights to trial, jury, defense, witness confrontation, counsel and impartiality been upheld by VAWA-influenced law enforcement, prosecutorial and adjudicative practices, and to what extent not?

7. Re Amndt X, to what extent are federal/State laws and procedures under VAWA acting from within a Constitutional framework, and to what extent not?

8. Re Amndt XIV, sections 1,2,3,4&5, to what extent are the multiple provisions in this Act of Congress applied Constitutionally, and to what extent not?

9. To what extent are all US government programs, agencies, grantees, contractors, sub-contractors, and their employees and interns associated with VAWA, in compliance with multiple federal and state anti-lobbying statutes, and to what extent not?

10. Re question 9 this inquiry, to what extent does the Citizens United v Federal Election Commission decision by the US Supreme Court affect these activities?

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