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November 14, 2012



Hopefully, before the divorce will get approved, the court must at least have attended several marriage counseling for the marriage to work out. In the event that the really won't work out, that's the time that the court will entertain the divorce application.

Ima Pepper

The best lie of this whole article:

“The Court is deeply committed to improving access to justice in Texas. Impediments threaten the integrity of the rule of law.”

Any lawyer who follows the Tx Supreme Court's opinions knows that's ridiculously absurd. Shame on the court for saying that with a straight face.

Ima Pepper

Awesome. The family law bar says they don't want it. The State Bar of Texas says they don't want it. Thousands of lawyers from across the state say they don't want it. Harry Reasoner and Stewart Gagnon say they want it and the nine elected Republican "justices" in Austin give it to them.

Hey, Harry - would court-approved forms have worked in your gazillion dollar pipeline case that you're so proud of?

Been In Those Shoes

What are poor people supposed to do? Volunteer programs aren't meeting the need. A quick look at Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program's website shows the level of unmet need: Nearly 35,000 applications for services were received but only 1,500 cases accepted by volunteer attorneys. There are 24,000 licensed lawyers in the Greater Houston Metro area but HVLP reports only a pitiful 23,000 donated hours in 2011.

As the Supreme Court notes in its order, 48 other states have pro se forms. The reason is simple: It is nearly impossible to find a lawyer you can afford on the salary of a waitress, a day care worker or even a teacher.

This is a conservative solution, crafted by a conservative court. Consider other states and other alternatives: On September 26, the New York Stae Supreme Court signed an order mandating 50 hours of pro bono before an applicant is licensed. The next likely step is extending that to the Bar as a whole, as a condition of license renewal. That would make a whole lot of average folks happy...but I doubt Bresnen's clients would appreciate that approach either.

This lawyer congratulates the Texas Supreme Court.

Steve Fischer

Handing a prose person a family law form is akin to giving an homeless person a menu. It won't work -they need counseling on how the laws and terms affect them- that's we are called counselors.

kay sieverding

An example of a good form is an U.S. Courts AO472 Detention Order Pending Trial

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