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November 12, 2012



I really need a great bankruptcy service in Phoenix! I am going through a hard time. If they could make this process better for me that would be great!

Jak Manson

When it comes down to it not everyone can keep track of all their money. Some people get behind on bills and cannot pay for them. People do not like to clam bankruptcy, but when you do there are people ready to help you out.

Jak Manson |

tyler agent

Thanks for sharing, and I've been looking some of the different bankruptcy attorney's that are close to my home. And I came across and I wanted to get a second opinion on them.

Simon Adair

This was really interesting. Bankruptcyis something that I would definitely not want to go through.

Bankruptcy trustee

the meeting of creditors date arrives, the debtor will attend the meeting with their bankruptcy attorney at the bankruptcy court. Many people are intimidated at the thought of the creditors meeting and being confronted by angry creditors.

Bill Shields

This would suck if I was a ( bankruptcy attorney. Guess its a good thing I'm not. Hopefully my friends in Chandler find this out though, I wouldn't want them to get into too much trouble.


Thank you for posting this article on bankruptcy! I didn't know how high the fees have become. Do you know of any edmonton bankruptcy lawyers? I could really use some of their help. Thank you!

Dan C.

Woah, John, great sense of humor. Made me laugh. Hopefully some attorneys were able to get their filings in early.

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