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November 30, 2012


Jack Mason

Thanks for this post. Doctor's really should be consulting with their patients about the risks involved with anything they do.
New Mexico Medical Malpractice Lawyer

ASWD Law northern kentucky attorneys

Tsk, the patient must be reasonable and rational enough to recognize the difference of both professionals who have different fields. Indeed, chiropractors are so far to be considered surgeons =or any of medical practitioner.

Shane Bernard

The treatment must be avoided and if checked then should do with a regular medical practitioner. Chiropractic treatments does not corresponds to a good thing and the checking of the vertebral arteries by twisting the neck is not necessary in most of the cases.


Such type of things should be avoided as they can prove to be very harmful..

Mike Cornelia

I heard about this case through one of my philadelphia medical malpractice lawyers. I think the outcome is fair, but the severance should have been much more than was given. I guess these type of things are hard to prevent though. I hope that man is feeling better today.

Philip Levitt

chiropractic manipulation of necks should be outlawed. The smart chiropractors don't twist necks. Strokes from damaging the vertebral arteries from twisting the neck have been well documented for fifty years. I saw two of them when I was in practice. They are devastating and usually occur in young people

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