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June 18, 2012


Jason Strong

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Anne L

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Minneapolis, MN Criminal Defense Attorney

This is sound advice that often gets overlooked. Great article.


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Clebrette Lubojasky

I need to hire a post conviction attorney. My son's attorney say's he can't go passed pdr level. The judge and the DA would not allow much of our evidence or most of our witnesses to testify. My son's ex-girlfriend threatened that if he left her, she would accuse him of sexual abuse, or worse, that she would murder him. This is something that this woman has bee doing since age 14 to many people. The Doctors reports in my son's case showed no evidence of penetration. The Forensics lab found that the 3 pubic hairs that had been placed on the girls vagina were female. We have a video taped deposition from years before my son met them, where the mother comments on the older brother fondling the little girl.


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Dallas DWI lawyer

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Suzy Frame

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