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May 21, 2012



Its sad that dreams are brkoen, we learned of the law suit a few month back and was glad to see that maybe something would be done to stop this I have always felt that this was a scram from the beginning, this has been a huge burden and a ugly road for me as I am the co-signer and the Father on my daughters loan she has not found work in the culinary trade since she graduated, need less the say we have had problems and hardships with Sallie Mae from time to time and once a month I am reminded of this (this is not fair). Once in the school she had to make up a class or two at quite and additional cost; what was she to do make up the class or not pass the course? If she was given half the chance she was promised of getting into a culinary career, but we were both tricked in to thinking this was the way to go with the job placement service. We did get one hell of a nice knife set out of the deal most expensive set of cutlery we own.If there is anything that I can do at all to help, please let me know. Thank you for your efforts and may justice prevail. Mark K


When this law suite first came to my attention a few mohnts ago, I called my mom with such happiness (she too had received the information prior) who shared the same emotion as myself. In 2006-2007 I was in my sophomore year at Washington State University, working towards my bachelor's degree. I decided to make the move for something new. I grew up in Portland, so the move back was easy. I was a 2007-2008 baking student and enjoyed the things that I learn and new people I met. Everything became a nightmare when it came time for my externship. I spoke with a counselor about my decision to relocate to Arizona for my externship and future career. I received no help at all finding a place of employment (paid or not paid) in Arizona. Western Culinary has a sister school (Scottsdale Culinary) in Arizona who I had to contact myself to get help finding a place. It came time to move and I arrived in Arizona with no place to work. I ended up begging the local WalMart Superstore to take me on; barely making anything. This is where I completed my externship; WalMart. I fought to get a supervisor position at Target where I stayed after my externship for many mohnts. But it got depressing and tiring trying to please corporate people who do not have the training I have. Putting frozen pieces of bread dough into the oven was not what I went to school for. I couldn't keep Sallie Mae from knocking on my door. Through deferments and a couple mohnts of negotiated payments, I was able to hold Sallie Mae off just long enough to enroll at Arizona State University to finish my bachelor's degree. Now I'm afraid that I will have to get my master's and PhD just to keep Sallie Mae quiet until I can find a job that can afford those payments. My degrees hang on my wall, but I just refer to them as expensive pieces of paper in a frame . If I make my husband a dish; I tell him that he better enjoy it because it's worth $42,000!Embarrassed, ashamed, failure. Those are some of the words that would best describe my feelings when I would have to explain to a potential employer why I was not utilizing my culinary degree. I soon got over those feelings once I realized that the rest of my former classmates were in the same boat as myself and it was not a knock against my talents.If there is anything that I can do at all to help, please let me know. I hope for the best here and for justice to be served. Thank you!

Steve Hubbard

No matter how hard TCRA fights this, it's a loser. The trend nationally is to blast open the doors and allow competition. We stenos have thrived over the many decades only because reel to reel tapes, then cassette tapes were inferior. Digital can email audio. Steno schools are closing. The government knows this. Court administrators know this and now lawyers are getting to see this. Two thirds of all stenos are in their 50s and 60s. It is no small wonder we are all seeing big changes in all of our states all the way from civil servants given their pink slips to letters telling lawyers, "You don't have to hire a steno. Bring in your own camera.".

Tony Wright

Is there a conflict if the videographer is a notary? A lot of times what we do in Florida is record it via video and then extract the audio for the transcriber.

Donna Collins

Angela, those of us in the court reporting profession have always known there has not a conflict between the rule and the statute as long as the individual doing the nonstenographic recording was a party, an attorney of a party, or a "full-time" employee of either. However, those who read the rule without reading the exemption in the statute have hired independent videographers who do not fall into one of the categories defined in the statute. Therefore, the AG's Summary of the opinion clarifies that issue. So a person who does not fall into one of those categories would be in violation of the statute.

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