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May 25, 2012



Suppose she means her words: "I will change the stsyem and root out corruption."Then, u need to wait for that, i.e many decades. If she does that, at least partly, only then, and repeat only then, your title of the blog will b justified.Tamilians can feel proud only if she does not go back on her words; and achives the meaning in reality, even partly.Her mere passing of the exam and topping it, does not make our heads held high. But her future action will.U dont seem to have au fait with IAS exams as held today. If u know, u will come to know that if u master the stsyem, u will be in. The exam s not successful in getting the right Indians. It is nothing but an exam for a job.

Ima Pepper

Hey, Van - you know what makes me feel you? Dublin Dr. Pepper. That, and not buying junk DP from your client.

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