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March 30, 2012


Rose moorefield

Iam a concerned grandmother I was raped several times back in the 60s and I thought things had changed but I guess not because my Granddaughter was forced to have sex buy a boy that she thought was a friend he was 17 and she was14 and to my understanding in the state of Texas the Mother can charge him of statgetory rape and they put my Granddaughter through all kinds of things and said the state would pay the bill and haven't and said she had a good case and 6month later didn't do anything and the boy got away with not having to do anything and I beleave justice was not served does that mean that just because you have someone that works in the police department their family member can get away with anything ? Just a very councern Grandmother and I really believed what the shireffs told me that the law has change since years ago but Justice was not served and I don't like him dring real slow in front of my house very concern...and I do hope we can get a DA in the office that will put a stop to this happying to so other little girl ..

Charles Thielemann

For what it's worth I believe Mr. Ted Woods is very capable and I believe he would be an excellent replacement for Mr. Reynolds. He has one thing that many Attorney's lack, that is common sense and the desire to help . I also believe he understands the Intnet of the Texas Court System.

Charles Thielemann

Reference 82nd Texas Legislative H. B. 79, as relates to it's intent to make the jurisdiction of Statutory Courts at Law more uniform, the real problem is many of the Trial Judges in County Courts at Law and many of the Appeal Court Justices somehow believing that Texas Gov't Code Section 26.043 which limits the jurisdiction of Constitutional County Courts also limits the jurisdiction of Statutory Courts at Law!!!! In my opinion, whether 26.043 limits the jurisdictio of Statutory Courts at Law or not needs to be cleared up once and for all. Also see H.B. 66, 1991.

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