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January 04, 2012


Nancy C Shepherd

Too bad Darla gave up proving she was the wife of the late John O'Quinn. Now she will not be able to collect on his social security when the time comes. In addition, even if he said he was not married when he made the Will, doesn't mean he didn't become common law married to Darla afterwards. Did he refer to her in public as his "wife." If so, she missed out on a lot of money. And even if they did not file federal income tax returns as married, that does not really come in as a factor, at least in Washington County, where Judge Matthew Reue in Brenham would not take that that factor into consideration in my case and found opposing counsel's client was common law to my client's deceased mother. So it seems you can file single on your federal income tax returns and still be found common law married. Hopefully, Darla received a huge settlement and it won't all go to legal fees.

Shirley Barr

Hope it was a good settlement although I think Jimmy Williamson and his learned associate
Mike Kerensky would have copped a big jury verdict for Darla.

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