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November 17, 2011



want to effect mexican poppulaation who bind with africa and cans to attacke people for mexiacan gangfgs.. teachers an d adminstraation against felons... are the leaderas of mass movement to dis orient and afflict with disease fo r rainbow partys... the police... and thier trueth thier connection to this mans wish for freedom.. opening for mexicans of the world bulgarians of the worlfd who gain real hate for the staring offered by the bus driver s but helpd bys ssi and county workers ... workers who are telling people his name ... and his parents who allow ed them to admister hatre d near thier own homes for the cajon popoulation...mexican of prisons for the sheriffs..... giving thier time to sit near him for the he that is asheriff want to sit near him and bind communtiy hate for the jaile r as africans not friend of natives need reservatin and multitudes and onot sing le... rooting real psychologic pathogy for high school edducated who found the y can raise rent if ssi or some one in fbi tell them almmounts the bank recieve s for theft of oj simpson and blacks tha t may seem to hav e a felon and the reason no one like s him.. is forcesd to be near jailers and fbi who awant to make him sneez fot the sheriif who can get him in the jail with no won nowing help his paretns make home less ...and need agency to remove fbi for open info to invasoion of privacy week and the age that kill felosn to o trad e for we sit near you caus e you are doing home work .. and this comglomerat e mak e hi m go to slee d-p and and not tdo his study.... police the follow you hoome ... they listen to people who wander an d dont wanft any thing more than to pretend we copy some one and make them homemlless for internal serfvice and people who ehelp realistate closed themarket on the broke and hog the money in jobs of new hotels new sapprtments restrict the poor from livign and..... stolen jobs and jailers in class rooom beneath try to make you sneaze.... and help a mexican man grow and sit hear where he is sitting for the fact they are loooking for ,,, dont want him livving nice and peacce foulland are for eve r offering no peace and send peopel to find hkim...

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