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October 03, 2011



January 1, 2012Adobe Premiere Pro includes OnLocation. Version CS5.0 and above reirques a 64-bit computer and specific video cards (listed on the Adobe website). Version CS4.0 reirques a 32-bit computer.Premiere Pro can be purchased as part of one of the Creative Suites or as a stand-alone product. OnLocation cannot be purchased separate from Premiere Pro; you must purchase PP to get OnLocation.Make sure you spec your video card properly for Premiere Pro if you go this route. Super critical for the process.You also want to purchase a computer with Firewire ports for SD capture, or an ExpressCard slot for adding HDMI/HD-SDI capture via some sort of conversion box like a Matrox MXO2, etc.

faseawaxy - provillus stores (For example, . Please note that some phones do not require the backslash.)
There are hoses on the market that are drinking water safe hoses and are labeled as such. Some hoses come with warning labels that they are not to be used for drinking. But there are some that are not labeled at all or the fine print is so small it is hard to see. But even if the hose is deemed safe, it is a smart idea to flush the hose thoroughly before taking a drink. And seasonal cleaning is highly recommended.


AG issued a ruling on this.

bl reporter

As a court reporter, hearing a comment like that from a lawyer organization just floors me. Why not get rid of all the lawyers and just videotape everything! That would save even more paper and court reporters' time! Glad I don't deal with Chicago lawyers!

Lawyer Chicago Magazine

Why don't they just video tape the proceedings and save all the paper and court reporters time?


Court reporters an legal videograhers are often times both necessary. We we believe it's the best way to ensure a good record. Check out his link


Sec. 52.033. EXEMPTIONS. This chapter does not apply to:
(1) a party to the litigation involved;
(2) the attorney of the party; or
(3) a full-time employee of a party or a party's attorney.

Not sure why a transcript wouldn't be admissible with the proper foundation.

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