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October 10, 2011


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rding to Co-op City's board, while it negotiates a bailout package with Albany. A looming $20 million bill for emergency repairs to five of Co-op City's eight parking garages - as well as a $7 million annual operating deficit, more than $100 million in arrears to the state and carrying charges that haven't gone up in nearly a decade - has forced Riverbay Corp., which runs the complex, to go hat-in-hand to the state to ask for a massive refinancing of its mortgage. The crises have made it impossible for the board to move ahead with the controversial privatization plan. "The issue of privatization is gone," said Iris Baez, first vice president of the Riverbay board and a longtime political force there. "We ran out of time." Late last month, the state's Housing Finance Agency approved a $6 million emergency loan toward the garage repairs, but the Riverbay board is also in talks to put together apackage meant to get Co-op City back on its feet once and for all. Assemblyman Stephen Kaufman (D-East Bronx) - who was instrumental in averting a parking catastrophe when five of Co-op City's eight garages had to close in midsummer - is spearheading the neg - chloe purse
s - unless they told their parole officer they were headed to the big city. "It's pretty messed up when you can't get the basic background checks across state lines," said Stephen Flynn, author of "America the Vulnerable: How Our Government Is Failing to Protect Us From Terrorism." "That shows you how far we have to go." The state has the authority and the capability to conduct FBI background checks. For example, applicants for Civil Service jobs in New York City and applicants for any job with the city's Education Department must undergo a federal background check. But those same requirements do not apply to limo drivers. On Friday, the FBI sent a bulletin to police and other government officials nationwide, warning that terrorists have considered using rental vehicles, singling out for-hire limousines, to conceal bombs. The limos would not attract as much suspicion as a cargo van, but would have enough trunk space to hold a sizable bomb, the FBI warned. Expanding TLC background checks would require approval from the state Legislature. "The current law only authorizes the [TLC - to request a state background check," said Jessica Scaperotti, spokes - toms Men
hrough the landmark building would affect the path of potentially harmful substances. The information gathered from the tests was in part designed to improve emergency response planning for the terminal and provide data that could be used when assessing the security of other transportation hubs in the country. It also might be used to make protective alterations to the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system at Grand Central or lead to the use of technological devices under development, authorities said. There are several devices in Grand Central that would detect the release of potentially deadly agents. Approximately 750,000 people pass through Grand Central a day, including commuter rail riders, subway riders, shoppers and tourists. Officials have long tagged Grand Central as a potential target because of its prominence as a landmark and the number of people who use it. Police in March revealed that a simplistic drawing of Grand Central was found on the computer of a suspected Madrid train bomber, but officials described it as an amateur sketch and said they didn't believe it was part of a plan to launch an attack. pdonohueShareTweetR

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ills. Hundreds of creditors have filed claims against the bankrupt HIP centers, including two hospitals, individual doctors and other providers of basic medical supplies and services, including a retirement plan that covers the Kingsboro employees and claims it is owed $1.2 million.Hip hop empire builder Lyor Cohen is taking over music powerhouse Island Def Jam in a shake-up at the home of rap superstars Jay-Z, DMX, and Ja Rule. Cohen, the ambitious record exec and former partner of rap impresario Russell Simmons, replaces Island Def Jam chairman Jim Caparro, who has resigned from the company, Caparro told the Daily News. The changes will be announced today. Caparro, who had two years left on his contract, asked to be released from Universal Music Group earlier this week. "I told Doug I wanted to resign," Caparro said, referring to Universal Music chief Doug Morris. Music insiders have long believed it was only a matter of time before Cohen would get the top job at Island Def Jam, the music company created three years ago by merging Island Records, Def Jam, and Mercury. Cohen, who began as a road manager for rap act Run-DMC, is considered one of t - cheap christian louboutin
illions of listeners on WXRK-FM in New York and the more than 50 other radio stations that still run his morning gabfest. The raunchy, top-rated morning show was suspended at six stations owned by Clear Channel Communications, whose president, John Hogan, apologized for Stern's bad behavior before a congressional committee yesterday. While Hogan was groveling, the top requested song on Clear Channel's Z-100 station in New York was the expletive-filled hit "Don't Want You Back." Stern got into hot water with Clear Channel officials Tuesday after a caller used the N word and asked Paris Hilton's ex-lover if he ever had sex with black celebrities. Yesterday, the self-proclaimed "King of All Media" claimed he was a victim of the furor over Janet Jackson's televised breast-baring during the Super Bowl. "All I know is Janet Jackson's breast got me in a lot of trouble," he said. "I hope the irony isn't lost that I look like Jesus being persecuted." Hogan told a congressional committee looking to clean up sleazy radio and TV that he has learned his lesson - but Stern has not. "I don't think [Stern - has changed his tune, but we've changed ours," Hogan said - Women's BCBGMAXAZRIA Clothing
statements generally support Faneuil's version of events, one source said. But the new documents also contain some accounts that defense attorneys believe show inconsistencies with parts of Faneuil's statements to the government, said two other sources familiar with the matter. Some paint a different picture about when Faneuil said certain things and precisely what he said, the sources said. Representatives of the Manhattan U.S. attorney's office, Stewart and Bacanovic declined to comment.In some areas ofSouth Jamaica and Bedford-Stuyvesant, as many as 10 homes per block faced foreclosure last year.The reason: subprime mortgages offered by unscrupulous real estate brokers and predatory lenders, according to a new study on the epidemic of citywide foreclosures.The crisis has even spawned a new group of real estate predators that offers to counsel homeowners in default, or "help" them refinance their homes.In neighborhoods like Brooklyn's East New York, signs have sprouted on street poles offering cash on the spot to buy homes in foreclosure.More than 9,000 New York City home owners faced foreclosure last year - an astounding 50% increase ove

[/b]in de vredesmissie. aindia%, bijvoorbeeld, zelf een voormalige britse kolonie, weigerde deel te nemen aan vredesoperaties in irak, tenzij onder de vlag van de verenigde naties, ondanks de verleiding van lucratieve miljoenen dollar business contracten. % aa voorgevormde snelle-reactiemacht die door de vn om snel in te grijpen in conflict zone met een mandaat om de gevechten te stoppen moet bieden positieve resultaten% a -.% a (reacties kunnen gestuurd worden naar
[/b]llen en ze niet, zei hij op een persconferentie dinsdag. aregardless% van wat voor soort conflict in irak is, een feit dat politici van alle kanten kan over eens zijn is hoe gevaarlijk irak geworden voor journalisten proberen om het verhaal te dekken. aaccording% tot een net vrijgegeven studie van de in parijs gevestigde mediawaakhond groep reporters zonder grenzen, 86 journalisten en media assistenten werden gedood en 38 ontvoerd tussen 20 maart 2003, toen de vijandelijkheden in ir
[/b]atieve franse politicus jean- marie le pen zegt dat hij onaangedaan door demonstranten die eieren en afval gooide hem in engeland % a ik krijg dezelfde reactie waar ik ook ga , le . pen zei via een tolk op een persconferentie in altrincham . % ale pen ontkent er was een holocaust tijdens de tweede wereldoorlog en ook wil verbieden de islam. % ahe bracht het weekend in engeland op uitnodiging van de rechtse british national party , en keerde naar huis terug maandag , sky news geme
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[/b]rivers to heed the speed limittraffic. By the time southbound cars on 12th Ave. hit Christopher St. in the West Village, they were crawling at 18 mph in gridlockwithout a prayer of reaching 30 mph.SmartphonesDroid Charge, Another Verizon LTE Phone, Costs $300By Jared Newman | @OneJaredNewman | April 21, 2011 | +TweetVerizon WirelessHTC’s Thunderbolt will soon have some competition in the Droid Charge from Samsung, Verizon’s second 4G LTE phone.The Droid Charge will cost $300 on contract when it launches April 28. That’s a steep price for a phone with a single-core 1 GHz processor — dual-core is where it’s at for today’s top-shelf handsets — but Verizon’s limited-time offer of free Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities helps soothe the burn. There’s also an 8-megapixel camera in back, a 1.3-megapixel camera in front and a funky shape that, at the very least, doesn’t resemble an iPhone. The AMOLED Plus screen measures 4.3 inches.For software, the Droid Charge packs Android 2.2, following a long line of phones that cheerily ignore Google’s latest operating system version. Samsung’s iPhone-l
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[/b]uld be liable for 61% of his or her total health care costs in 2022 under Ryan’s plan. By 2030, the figure could be 68%. Ryan’s plan would vary subsidies to seniors based on income and health status poorer and sicker beneficiaries would get larger subsidies. But the details of this are still unknown. Who determines the health risk, and how is that translated into dollarsRyan says the top 8% of earners would receive less Medicare subsidy support and that those qualifying for Medicaid or earning less than 150% of poverty would get extra federal dollars available in a medical savings account. Still, the CBO says: costs to individuals (beyond those covered by the premium support payment) would be higher under the proposal than under traditional Medicare, and some individuals would therefore choose not to purchase insurance the number of older Americans without health insurance would be higher.So how does Ryan’s plan prevent seniors from forgoing insurance It doesn’t. Participating in Medicare would be voluntary. Since we don’t know specifically how subsidy levels would be set, we don’t know how many senior
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[/b]were calling off the hunt for the season, which normally ends in March. Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and captain of the Sea Shepherd vessel, said Japans whale processing ship had changed course and might be heading home. (UPDATE: On Friday, Tokyo announced the season’s hunt was, in fact, called off.)(See TIMEs Top 10 Gratuitously Provocative Acts.)It’s a massive coup for the militant eco group in their long fight against whaling that, for Japan, has seemingly become less about harpooning a few hundred whales than the national identity. Facing Sea Shepherds increasingly bold tactics and deafening PR machine, Japan has dug its heels ever deeper in the ocean floor, insisting on its right to cull whales under its scientific program and sell its meat under the international treaty, despite flagging demand (the national stockpile of whale meat stood at 5,093 tons in December, compared to 1,453 tons in 1999) and threats of international legal action from Australia if it doesnt stop.That Japan may have finally decided that the whales they will kill and process this year may not be worth the money or saf

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[/b]ed requirements.REP. HUNTER: Yeah, that’s right.SEC. GATES: The services would still be able to come up with a list of things that they really need.I think that the budget that we’ve provided at $553 billion for FY ’12 mitigates risk to the extent that I think is reasonably possible. And I think that we have — we are investing in new capabilities — the $70 billion that the services are going to be able to invest from their savings in new capabilities or in added numbers I think helped mitigate that risk.You can never reach a point — just as there is no such thing as perfect security, there is no such thing as eliminating risk.REP. HUNTER: …If you got to that highest point that you could where you started getting diminished rate of return, what would that number be, roughlySEC. GATES: I think that we are at a point with the 553 (billion dollars) where we can do that.REP. HUNTER: Okay. So fully funding defense and every requirement is at 553 (billion dollars)SEC. GATES: We will never fund every request.REP. HUNTER: But if you did, sir, what I’m asking is, what’s that number, roughlySEC. GATES:
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[/b]ified oat bran and the only milk not horded was fat-free. The red meat aisle was quickly slaughtered and the pasta displays fell like the Roman Empire. Bacon and eggs sizzled off the shelves. You couldn't even sniff a Pamper.I climbed into my Jeep, which has four-wheel drive, and moved triumphantly down the main avenues, passing mere mortals in more expensive cars than mine who spun their tires in priceless deep snow. There is an amazing feeling of superiority when you drive a four-wheel in a blizzard, like a great runner breaking away from the pack. As night fell amid the swirling snow, the dying embers of the last Christmas lights of the season were barely visible behind frosted windows; the orange lights of sanitation plow-trucks burned out of the blank distance; traffic lights switched comically from red to green with no traffic to control. Citizens everywhere did Charlie Chaplin pratfalls; euphoric dogs log-rolled in snow banks; sidestreets were perfect blank white pages waiting for morning footprints. Around midnight the subways began sending stranded passengers up into the blinding street where they were magnetized by the bubbling neon beer
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[/b]. A pack of rescue dogs from South Korea, for instance, arrived in Japan to start sniffing out survivors. In a public statement on Saturday evening, Prime Minister Kan profusely thanked foreign leaders, including U.S. President Barack Obama, for having sent their support to the quake-prone island nation. Kan then reiterated his own governments commitment to the relief effort. It is our mission, he said, to protect peoples lives and fortunes.By Saturday evening, Japanese TV crews began showing pictures of corgis being plucked from collapsed buildings, as other rescue teams dug through debris where faint voices were being heard. Japanese reporters interviewed survivors who, with barely cracking voices, related their losses: a 103-year-old grandmother, a younger daughter and three sons, a pair of twins. Compared to the keening outpourings of grief expressed in other nations, Japan shows its sorrow in the most understated of ways.And as we sat in our Niigata hotel room watching images of devastation on T.V., a newsflash came across the screen. A moderate aftershock had struck Niigata, it said. We felt a slight swaying, heard a few creaks a


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[/b]nd he got it," a police source said. Moved by his plea, detectives went back through the case file line by line and reinterviewed witnesses. By now, some of the witnesses had moved as far away as California and were similarly swayed by the father's appeal. They identified Randall as the killer, police said. Cops picked up Randall - who police said had served time for a bank robbery - without incident at his St. Albans home yesterday morning. He was charged with second-degree murder and second-degree criminal use of a firearm. "The witnesses were reluctant 25 years ago, but [cops] told them, we'd like to see justice for his son," a police source said. cmelagoA QUEENS FATHER was arraigned yesterday on charges he tried to set a deathtrap for his daughter-in-law by torching her new basement apartment, officials said. Karnail Singh has been recovering in Weill Cornell Medical Center's burn unit since being seriously burned in the Oct. 28 blaze he allegedly ignited. His daughter-in-law, Gurpreet Kaur, was rescued unharmed by firefighters. Singh, 48, was arraigned at his bed on an indictment charging him with attempted murder, arson and other crimes, sa
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[/b]o concerts and sporting events could one day become a thing of the past. What might replace it is a more organized, systematic version of what scalpers and resellers do all the time right now. If this was the case, supply and demand would rule: Ticket prices would (theoretically) drop for events not selling well, and prices for events in high demand could hit the roof. Again, this is basically what happens now anyway, only in the future it could be Ticketmaster rather than a third-party online seller or a scalper on the sidewalk making all the extra profits. RELATED POST:$100 Concert Tickets … Soon to be $400 Concert TicketsWorldWhat Time Is the Royal Wedding The Minute-By-Minute Schedule for April 29By William Lee Adams | @willyleeadams | April 28, 2011 | +TweetChris Jackson / Getty ImagesNewsFeed brings you the times and red carpet arrivals that will help you plan your bathroom breaks during the wedding of the century.(See NewsFeed’s liveblog of the royal wedding)All times listed are London time. For you Yankees, subtract 5 hours for EST, 6 for CST and 8 for PST.Between 8:15 am and 9:45 am: The general congregation will arrive at t
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[/b]Bramhall plays with a fever and length seldom heard in this era. This isn't just an exercise in guitar hot-dogging. Bramhall's songs have sturdy melodies, his vocals have soul. "Who wants to hear great guitar playing over terrible songs" he reasons. "The song has to come first." Also key is the interplay of the band. Far from faceless backup players, Smokestack's musicians give Bramhall the push and pull that made the guys in Cream or the Jimi Hendrix Experience cook. While most of today's wanna-be '60s stars, like Lenny Kravitz or the Black Crowes, sound like sad knockoffs of classic rock, Bramhall's band sounds authentic. "In this generation, everybody has gotten lazy," the 32-year-old says. "They use pro tools [studio trickery that subs for real musicianship]. And they edit everything down,ing to get that perfect hit that will sell 5 million copies. They're making music for the wrong reasons." It's Bramhall's pure intent, and present-tense passion, that helps his music avoid the retro trap. Then again, he has been preparing for this moment for more than half his life. Bramhall's father played drums for blues legend Lightnin' Hopkins and for th


[/b]lack of pennies for vitamins and food. One can never dream of retiring from that struggle.You cant retire from being human, he said.HE SAW INJUSTICE EARLYLuis Garden Acostas first conscious experience with racism and social injustice happened at the age of 9, when he and his best friend, an African-American boy named James Costner, went to visit James grandmother in Lexington, Va.We loved science-fiction movies, but somehow we had missed one of the best ones when it was playing in Brooklyn, Garden Acosta recalled. When we got to Lexington, there it was. I told James, Its a miracle! Heres the movie!James froze. He told me, We cant go there. I couldnt believe it. I figured someone in the building had polio, Garden Acosta said. James told me, Speak to my grandmother.The boys went to a Lone Ranger movie instead at a local black theater. Back at the grandmothers home, Garden Acosta learned that in Lexington, people of color could not attend the same theaters as whites.What a shock. There was a hidden lie I knew nothing about, Garden Acosta said. How could it be true that I was brown and couldnt go somewhereI was so hurt.
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[/b]and worked together to save the lives of citizens," Shepard said.Mayor Giuliani yesterday vowed to institute rules to cut golden parachutes for top city officials who quit, saying he dropped the ball in failing to do so earlier.The mayor said the new rules, to be set up this week, will limit the number of vacation days that workers can cash in when they quit to 50, down from 108, and the number of sick days to 60, down from 120. "I thought it had been done, just never followed up on it," Giuliani said in response to a Daily News article yesterday that showed several of his appointees also cashed in thousands of dollars worth of unused vacation pay and sick leave when they left their jobs. Severance pay became a major issue in 1994 when Giuliani criticized similar packages given to aides to former Mayor David Dinkins as "scandalous large amounts of money." Giuliani promised to cut managers' severance packages more than two years ago and a plan was developed, the administration said. But several of Giuliani's commissioners have been allowed to quit with similarly large packages. Former Deputy Mayor Peter Powers got a $14,627 windfall when he left,
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[/b]another TV product to cash in on. ABC grandly announced its interview get yesterday and planned to spread the QA out over two mornings of GMA and a special Tuesday edition of 20/20. Hours later, NBC declared that it had bagged its own interview with Sheen in Beverly Hills, proving that Charlie SheenVatican assassin that he isis even capable of screwing over networks that he doesn’t work for.ABC went ahead with its airing plan, accented with the stunt of having Sheen take a blood-and-urine drug test and announcing the results live on air. The test reportedly indicated that Sheen had been clean for 72 hours, seeming to back up his declaration that “I’m on a drug. It’s called Charlie Sheen.”We’re very familiar with that drug by now. And I think at this point we’ve all OD’ed on it.LifestyleIntroducing “Streets of Monaco,” the World’s First $1 Billion Super YachtBy William Lee Adams | @willyleeadams | January 19, 2011 | +TweetIllustration courtesy of Yacht Island DesignMultimillion-dollar yachts are so 2010.So to help oligarchs and tax exiles keep pace in 2011, U.K.-based Yacht


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[/b]ió 44 partidos después de que se rompió un hueso en su pie izquierdo el 25 de junio en san francisco.he regresó a la alineación el martes y tocó en la espalda -to-back juegos , pero no jugó el jueves debido a un dolor en el pie , que se hizo más pronunciado el viernes . estoy va de nuevo en la lista de lesionados . no estoy sintiendo muy bien , dijo pedroia a periodistas el viernes . he jugado los dos partidos y trató de hacerlo , y luego ayer no pude hacer mucho y hoy ha sido mucho peor. me están retrocediendo y no dejarme hacer nada. los medias rojas temen que, si bien pies pedroia ha sanado desde la lesión original, no
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[/b]unidos proporcionará a todos los dólares de seguridad en esas situaciones , mientras que china se aleja con la energía / materias primas en corea del sótano de negocio prices.north es el ejemplo por excelencia de los minerales , el petróleo de irán , pero hay muchos más por ahí , especialmente cuando nuestro nuevo enfoque básicamente cede américa latina y áfrica para china.obama cree que la aplicación de algunos geoestratégica anaconda a china en asia , pero es estados unidos que está consiguiendo apretó en sus finanzas de todos los lados , ya que tenemos que pagar para asegurar los recursos chinos en todo el mundo que acto s
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[/b]ma y se espera que entre en servicio entre finales del próximo ao y 2013, canadian solar said.with el gobierno de ontario revisar el programa de fit y espera que recorte las tasas favorables que ofrece a los proveedores de energía solar de cara al futuro, los proyectos de este tipo que ya tienen contratos en vigor son atractivos para las empresas como transcanada, dijo warren mabee , director del instituto universitario de la reina para la energía y del medio ambiente policy.the con sede en calgary gigante de la energía está buscando la aprobación de ee.uu. para sus $ 7 mil millones de cartera keystone xl que enviaría crudo de las arenas
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[/b]n has put them on both the lunch and dinner menus. While he uses ancho chili powder for heat, a judicious amount of cayenne or regular chili powder can be substituted.3 Eastern Shore Select Hayman PotatoesVegetable oil for fryingSalt, pepper and ancho chili powder, to tasteBring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Wash the potatoes and drop them into the boiling water. Cook until barely fork-tender, 10 to 20 minutes.Remove potatoes from the water and allow them to cool. Cut the cooled potatoes into steak-size fries.In a heavy skillet, heat 1/4-inch vegetable oil to 350 degrees. Add the fries to the skillet, being careful not to crowd them, and fry until golden brown. Place on paper towels to drain. Season to taste with salt, pepper and chili powder and serve.ImmigrationQ. I am here legally on G-5 status. If I want to study here, can I change to student status or must I first return to my home country My employer is going back home and has suggested that I stay here and enroll in college. I took and passed the New York State Graduate Equivalency Diploma exam, and I want to enroll in college this coming fall.Name Withheld, QueensA. So long as yo
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[/b]ser. I was impressed with the energy that he had when he came out, and obviously along with that energy came some confidence. He's a very confident young man. He's an exciting guy to talk about. ... It's almost the same as saying Johan (Santana) is pitching. You see a different spirit with the team." Manuel suggested the Mets would have made the playoffs without question in 2008 had the team had K-Rod in the bullpen. Or, for that matter, a full season of a healthy Billy Wagner. "We lost a lot late," Manuel said. "Those are sometimes the toughest ones to overcome. We did a good job of overcoming them for the most part, but still they leave a tough taste in your mouth for days to come. To have someone of that magnitude, or even Billy Wagner for the entire time, our chances would have been much greater." Wagner had Tommy John elbow surgery on Sept. 10, but a friend revealed his recovery is ahead of schedule and he may return for the final month of the 2009 season. Wagner is owed $10.5 million next season. As a result, at the time of his season-ending injury, high-ranking Mets officials all but ruled out pursuing K-Rod this winter, claiming they would
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[/b]11 on Sunday to ask questions about the new rules or get a copy of the code.The new code makes it easier for cops and inspectors to crack down on loud music coming from clubs and cars, earsplitting construction equipment and other sources of noise.It wasn't clear yesterday whether there was an increase in summonses issued. Police officials said cops issued 229 summonses over the weekend, which includes Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Department of Environmental Protection didn't have numbers of summonses from their inspectors."It takes a couple of days before summonses come back," Mayor Bloomberg said yesterday. "On a normal weekend we probably get a couple of thousand calls a day about noise. It's one of the biggest complaints people have and call 311.""Nobody wants to destroy nightlife in this city," Bloomberg said. "On the other hand, people have a right to sleep and it's finding that balance - we will do that."Of the 2,183 noise complaints to 311, 2,012 were turned over to the Police Department and 171 were directed to the Department of Environmental Protection.That number is actually lower than the previous two Sundays, which logged 2,198 an


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[/b]Victorian-set story, a production of Theatreworks USA, tracks the orphaned Pip from boyhood into manhood as he tries to adapt to the upper echelon of society.Dickens' verbose style is compressed into a tight 90 minutes. Several subplots have been omitted. For Campbell, whose sister Neve is also an actor, working on stage has required adjustments. "Theater is a big difference from film and television, because on the stage it's all about acting on the lines," says Campbell. "Film, on the other hand, is all about acting between the lines. "I pretty much had to reteach myself this concept of acting on the lines again."While the rest of us lined up with lottery dreams yesterday, Jamal Kamel Abou Assali was already starting to live histhanks to the $1,000-a-week-for-life prize he won in a scratch-off game. For the 35-year-old father of two, Lady Luck couldn't have smiled on him at a better time. One month before he hit it big in the state's Win for Life lottery, the Syrian immigrant gave up his Yonkers apartment and sent his wife and two children back to his home village of Swedia so he could save money for a house. "It was very painful, but we had to
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[/b]on his younger brother. Francis also contended the gun went off accidentally.Chrisena Coleman HOT 97 staffer stays off air The fate of HOT 97 radio personality Miss Info remained in limbo yesterday as she failed to show up for work before a deadline set by the station. Miss Info, whose real name is Minya Oh, has refused to go back on the air with morning show host Miss Jones, with whom she argued after Jones played a parody song about the December tsunami laced with anti-Asian epithets. Oh has said her employers at WQHT also areing to bar her from discussing her feelings about her argument with Jones on the air. Maki Becker State stalls on driver rule ALBANY - The state is rethinking its crackdown on motorists who lack valid Social Security cards after a Manhattan judge ruled that immigrants bearing the brunt of the scrutiny weren't being given enough notice about license suspensions. Undocumented workers who haven't already had their licenses suspended can continue driving while the state figures out its next move, said Department of Motor Vehicles spokesman Joe Picchi. "The people who have been suspended are still suspended, but we don't have
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[/b]lls, it was cruel -timing. Where would they get the bucks to -cover not only those opening-day -tickets, but the armloads of "Star Wars" merchandise that their kids -believe is part of the "No Child Left Behind" act If it's any consolation, George -Lucas assures us that this is the last of his "Star Wars" series, the one that -completes Annakin Skywalker's journey to the Dark Side. With more money in the bank than God, Lucas is probably safe in assuming the force is with him. "Star Wars: Episode III" will -almost -certainly win the summer's box--office title, though Steven -Spielberg will -compete with his $130 -million version of "War of the Worlds," and -Christopher -Nolan's "Batman Begins" should fill out the Top 3. If there is a theme to this summer's lineup of mainstream movies, it is "everything- old is new again." The above blockbusters include two -sequels and a remake. There are four other sequels, five more remakes and three films inspired by TV series. It would be great if all of these turn out so well we'll forget the originals. But as I watch the trailer for "The Pink -Panther" and hear Steve Martin's French accent as Inspector -Clou

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was collared inside a nearby supermarket and taken to Roosevelt Hospital, where he allegedly told nurses, "I killed my girlfriend so I wanted to die."The vivacious beauty's friends were still struggling to deal with her horrific murder yesterday."He was obsessively in love with her," said Julie Parker, 21, a close friend of Boitumelo McCallum's at Mills College in Oakland, Calif. "We all told her he was bad news."JOY WHITE still vividly remembers the mysterious woman, dressed as a nurse, who approached her in the Harlem Hospital emergency room 18 years ago. "Don't cry. Everything's going to be all right," the woman told the worried young mother whose 3-week-old daughter was hospitalized with a severe fever. But moments later that same comforting figure whisked away newborn Carlina White, who has not been seen or heard from again. The brazen baby-snatching - the only known hospital kidnapping in New York history - stunned the city in August 1987 and has stumped investigators ever since. Officially, the case is closed, but little Carlina has not been forgotten. "She was the most beautiful little baby," said Joy White, now 35. "It hurts to think abou - Coach Belts
hlighted the difficulty of juggling the roles of First Lady and Senate wanna-be, and some began growing anxious about her candidacy-in-waiting and slide in the polls.Having already decided to run, Clinton felt there was no value in waiting any longer, advisers said. Aides also thought critics were questioning her intentions as a way to seed doubts about her commitment to her newly adopted state."It was becoming a distraction," said one Democrat familiar with Clinton's thinking.Clinton adviser Mandy Grunwald added, "We were mystified people were doubting. Every step she's made since the summer has been in only one direction . . . But clearly, a lot of people were drawing conclusions, so why not answer the question"Mayoral aide Bruce Teitelbaum, however, sought to fuel more doubts, calling her announcement "political double-talk . . . an announcement about a press conference to announce that she intends to announce next year."The First Lady spoke at a news conference with United Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten on the issue of class size."I've never been known to be shy," Weingarten said. "So is it yes, or is it no""She's not shy, - Karen Millen Multicolor
neither left him weak nor tired, he said. "It's just this odd sensation" of a faster heartbeat, Bradley added. Bradley scoffed at suggestions that the stress of campaigning has contributed to the frequency of the heart incidents. Noting that former President George Bush served in the White House with the same condition, Bradley said he would reveal future episodes only if they required medical attention. Bradley decided to make the disclosure after ABC News reported the problem earlier yesterday on its Web site. Bradley and Vice President Gore launched their final sprint through the state yesterday. Gore hopscotched around the state in Air Force Two, and Bradley set out on a four-day bus tour to cities and small towns in the eastern half of the state. Voters who came out to see Bradley yesterday saw a crack in his trademark reserve. In more than a year of campaigning, the former New Jersey senator has given audiences few outward signs that he feels their pain. That changed Wednesday in New Hampshire. Bradley, who has made universal health care a centerpiece of his campaign, heard the story of Cathy Perry, who has no health insurance for her four

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