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October 05, 2011



Mrs. Candler,How can you sit there and say that. Parker is a good person with a great heart. We do not want a creaer politician like your precious Bryan Wooley to be our leader. We want someone who has not been corrupted by the political machines. All the other candidates are creaer politicians who as Mr. Ward say Put party over principals I do not want Glover, Burrell, Wooley, or Cox representing me. I want Parker Ward. A man of true faith in the Almighty and a minister of His Word. I believe that right their disserves him some credit. Mrs. Candler, We do not have corruption but honesty. We want to throw all the bums out this year and even on a local level. You say Parker will not win, I believe deep down inside he will be our next Mayor and Cedric and Bryan will be out of a job.PARKER WARD FOR MAYOR!The only clear choice we have!

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