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August 05, 2011



Mostyn Law firm isn't the only law firm that expects this of their workers.

boyd belcher

i have done claims with steve for 12 years now,and he never loses ,i know who amber is and she never returns her phone calls gress she is to busy working overtime!my name is boyd belcher in bridge city,most paralegals are paid to much any way and all they can say is we will check into it!if you dont like the pay go somewhere else.

court-reporter salary

Interesting sweet shop ,please update who wins it

Paralegal salary

That's a wonderful article. Very informative article for new paralegals.

J. Wade

Interesting that $herri L. Davis and her lawyer Alex Mabry filed an FL$A suit against Clark, Burnett, Love & Lee just one week after she filed the same suit against the Mostyn firm. Her motive$ look pretty clear to me.

John T.

I did business with the Mostyn firm for six years. Never met anyone named "Amber Kindred" though. I did meet lots of employees who were expected to work hard and get things right for the firm's clients. They were also well compensated and a real family. It's hard to have hundreds of employees and not encounter sour grapes from time to time. That sounds like all this is.

Amber Kindred

Steve could care less about his employees. I have worked really close with him and seen how he treats his employees like dirt. I hope he loses this case.

Online Paralegal Degree

The news you shared is really good.

Vivian Ramsey

They don't care about anyone but themselves. They think that cause they have money they can do and say anything they want and get away with it. They believe that they are untouchable. Hope that they lose power to the little people. hahaha


Steve's law firm is nothing but an americanized sweat shop!

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