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June 09, 2011


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Shelley Clark

My daughter needs a lawyer in a civil, cps/ custody case. Legal aid will not help. One father has already hired a lawyer. My daughter has not been charged with anything, is not in jail. Since the father hired a lawyer, my daughter was told she HAS to get a lawyer. The children are with the father and the youngest with her grandmother. Both fathers get to see their children every day, and they have criminal backgrounds. While my daughter has to have supervised visits. She has done drug tests, that came back NEGATIVE. PLEASE HELP!

mary rose cedillo

Where can I fine an attorney for my daughter ,that has been in jail for 41 days ,she was appointed an attorney that has not even talked to her it been 2 weeks , judge had said it would take `10 days .On Augest 22,2011 She was revoked by the D.A and P.O. with no Bail for signing off from going to SAFP ,after she had made 2 trip 1 in Barnet Tx they refused her because of medication and then P.O. said she had found her a Medical Unit in Hackberry , she went and was also refused . My daughter ,has been in jail since July 20-2011,My daughter didn't have an attorney prsent in singing for SAFp ,or Hearing

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