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May 25, 2011


Herman Haynes

Herman Haynes
P.O.BOX 270136
Dallas TX. 75227
Date: 8 /1 / 12

Subject: Timely News Story--- House Bill 274
“Lawyers don’t care about the truth it’s never about the truth in court.” They’ll do what ever it takes to win.. Isaiah 1:23

I wanted to contact you regarding my situation. My attorneys, defense attorneys and presiding judge orchestrated the dismissal of my case. Neither of my attorneys conducted discovery from the defense. They both provided Discovery responses to defendant attorneys that contained inaccuracies and frivolous pleadings including adding my wife to the claim allegedly as a bargaining chip. Because of discomfort with the process, I began taping all our meetings. When he continued to request discovery responses from my wife and we refused .Finally, he said, “give me your information (discovery responses) and I will put it were it needs to go”. Subsequently, I discovered that his wife, Mrs. Bower notarized my discovery document, which I never signed. Four days before Bower filed the order to withdraw; he amended the disclosure with more inaccuracies without notifying me. Including, changing the defense insurance company after reviewing the accident report, they named 3 of Sysco subsidiary companies to the suit knowing Sysco transferred ownership to another company they owned two months after the accident then had the new company to testify that the guy driving Sysco truck was employed with the Designate Responsible third party. My attorneys agreed to the Motion to Designate a company that is not a legally operating entity as a Responsible third party, which cannot be found. Conveniently, the day after Judge Parker signed the order for Bower to withdraw from the case, and later Carroll Co-counsel withdrew as well without notifying me as required, neither informed me of things going on in the case. Honestly, my counsel deliberately misrepresented, misled me and worked in collusion with the Defense Attorneys to ensure no other attorney would take the case.

During a hearing, I addressed my concerns of collusion between my attorney and defense counsel with Judge Parker. When she asked me if I had any proof, I offered her the opportunity to review specific items contained in my file as well as the opportunity to listen to recorded conversations between my attorney David Bower and me that supported my concerns. She refused, saying she did not want to hear it. Throughout the pre-trial proceedings—Judge Parker allowed defense counsel to evade providing requested discovery documents that would further confirm this fact, while also allowing them to continually produce “documentation” that could easily be refuted, had she been equitable and fair in her presiding over this matter.

Please provide an email or mail address and I will forward the letter of complaint submitted to the F.B.I .Headquarters detailing Judge Parker’s judicial misconduct, in her presiding over my case. I will include Attachments A, B, C, G and H of the complaint to give you a better overview. If you have any questions, or would like to receive the additional attachments, please feel free to contact me Thank you for your time and attention

Herman M, Haynes


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