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December 15, 2010



Good day Mr Bedell & Staff,Our thanks to Mr. Bedell for paciariptting in the candidate forum this past Tuesday at Northeastern Univ. It is difficult to keep up with the many and complex issues facing government, so our family is especially interested in gaining an understanding of the character and values exhibited by each candidate. Judging from Mr Bedell's website, we are holding some similar values. Concerning the issues of education and abortion: while I have Republican' agreement with the strength of the individual and respect for the family unit, it is my observation that families of color - and quite frankly the darker one is the harder it seems to be - it seems a lack of economic opportunity feeds a vicious cycle of broken families, scholastic failure and crisis pregnancies. Is Mr Bedell's cross cultural experience pretty much summed up in the Paris experience? What type of connections does Mr. Bedell maintain with US citizens of diverse ethnic heritage? Should Mr Bedell be elected, will he indeed listen to the diverse voices of the 5th district? On behalf of my family and me, we sincerely appreciate Mr Bedell's (and his family's) willingness to apply his training, life and times to serving the USA. It was encouraging to see citizens rallying for upright government and true public servants at Tuesday's forum. Best regards,Shari Kittaka

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