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October 22, 2010


shelley Richardson

it's April 2011 and I'm still wondering how someone that was trafficking illegal immigrants could get Five years, and walked into the court on Feb 25th, 2011 after basically commiting murder. And the refused to ender aid to a lady that was in the back, after husband requested to stop for water, due to lack of oxygen the women was receiving while riding in the back of a Truck. The man refused and caused the lady to pass away. Her husband did speak at the sentencing. so sad! Yet this man walks freely into the court that day, and then is sentenced to Five years just like Dale Richardson? Dale Represented a Alien with an active Appeal to this day. And yet he gets Five years as well as a someone that basically murdered someone that just requested help to come live a better life here in the states. It blows my mind how a U.S Judge Alverez could call my brother a "Social-path" ? Does she even know what the meaning of the word is? My brother helped an illegal with a removal charge. It's not rocket sentence, the way the Southern District and DIana Song, made it seem is that Dale was taken advantage of the illegal Aliens, I'm confused how helping someone files forms to stay in the states to have a better life and be able to work is taken advantage of them, and with that said they made Reyes out to be an victium. WOW, yet the Judge Alvarez, my brother's incompetent lawyer David Almerez, both stated in court on the day Dale A. Richardson was sentenced to FIVE YEARS, (yet was covered under the law I quoted in the last post). Both , Alverez and Almeez stated in court that they didn't know much about Immigration Law. Funny, Because since August 2010, the charges were dealing with Reyes vs. U.S. How can one sentence and charge someone when they doesn't even know the laws covering a US citizen? Diana Song, Pulled evidence on Dale, witch were all heresy, and were placed into FEDERAL COURT by Judge Alverez as someone calming that someone stole something as a Lawyer Licence to gain acceptance into cherokee nation Bar Assoc. Don't you think that person should be sapena to court to testify???? Yet, the Evidence shown to Jury only stated that David Allen Richardson, didn't know Dale used his Number to obtain Bar admission into the Bar, in ok. Yet, if you pull the form to get into the bar, the information as far as License numbers are asked to be placed on the form to become a member of the Bar. Diana Song, placed a request to place evidence to trail, just a form stating what "David Allen Richardson had stated. WOW. Yet, the courts couldn't find any bar information on Dale from the get go, then it goes to he's debarred from cherokee nation, and never had a membership with Mass. Bar. This all is Bullshit if you ask me. I can't believe that this case has gone this far. Diana Song, spoke for the witness she called to the sentencing. To me it sounds like Diana Song just in it for the money, and well they got it, and Dale is in Prison , with no prior charges, and Judge Alvarez, didn't recommend a location for Dale, Which is not that great to placement in the BOP. Retaliation if you as me, Dale Hit that court better than any other lawyer or Representative could getting a life sentence (Reyes) out of trouble with the Southern District of Laredo, and Laredo didn't like it. Karma is all I have to say. Someone please look into the Case Dockets and contact me via Email if you would like to take on a Civil Case;) I HAVE SO MUCH INFORMATION THAT COULD WIN A CIVIL CASE.

shelley Richardson


§ 1292.1 Representation of others.

(a) A person entitled to representation may be represented by any of the following:

(3) Reputable individuals. Any reputable individual of good moral character, provided that:

(i) He is appearing on an individual case basis, at the request of the person entitled to representation;

(ii) He is appearing without direct or indirect renumeration and files a written declaration to that effect;

(iii) He has a pre-existing relationship or connection with the person entitled to representation (e.g., as a relative, neighbor, clergyman, business associate or personal friend), provided that such requirement may be waived, as a matter of administrative discretion, in cases where adequate representation would not otherwise be available; and

(iv) His appearance is permitted by the official before whom he wished to appear (namely, a special inquiry officer, district director, officer-in-charge, regional commissioner, the Commissioner, or the Board), provided that such permission shall not be granted with respect to any individual who regularly engages in immigration and naturalization practice or preparation, or holds himself out to the public as qualified to do so.

Enough said, tired of all these false new stories, get the facts, not just what the corrupt court in southern district post and the prosecutor puts out there even if it's false or made up, or puts another person person, having taken an oath before a competent tribunal, officer, or person, in any case in which a law of the U.S. authorizes an oath, and makes false statements or lies. PURJURY, the same stuff they charged my brother with, yet because the government had a "witness" they coach her, then it's suppose to be true, well my brother was in jail the time she said that she worked for him. so she's a lair and should be charged with PURJURY.

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