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August 25, 2010



sadly a retianer is JUST that to retian services, not as a refunable amount, you need to understand that anytime you pay a retianer that is for representation, I can promise you that in a DUI case had it of gone to trial that amount would have been over 5,000 grand to start. The attorney obviously did something because your boyfriend is not locked up and did not have to face a jury! Leave the lawyer alone and consider this a lesson! All attorneys get an upfront retianer and then an hourly rate, so its obvious the attorney was within guidelines, I suggest your boyfriend read over his contract I know there was one!Good luck!Eventually, DUI will cause a total license revocation, so he needs to NOT drink and DRIVE!


Do it on your own. In fact, show up in court in the SAME condition as when you were puelld over, to show the Judge that you weren't drunk!Challenge the blood test by saying that wasn't your blood your vindictive ex-girlfriend MUST have dione a full transfusion on you while you were asleep.Okay, sarcasm OFF.The idea of hiring a lawyer is that the lawyer should be able to present your case well-enough to the prosecutor to get an offer that is BETTER than what you risk by having a trial.Pick a lawyer who has a good background in DUI trials (even if you never plan on going to trial). May be more expensive, but you get what you pay for.And DON'T do anything STUPID like drive during the period your license is suspended (which is probably is, for refusing the breathalyzer, depending on your state). If you NEED to drive, ask the Court for a hardship or restricted license (if one is possible. See? Hiring that lawyer is looking pretty handy, huh?)


You sort of screwed yoleursf when you submitted to the blood test unless you thought that you were under the legal limit Had you not done that all that you could be charged with was failure to take a chemical test or something to that effect It would of resulted in a AUTOMATIC suspension (6 months in most states, 1st offense), BUT you wouldn't of had to do any alcohol classes or the other activities that are sentenced in a DUI case With that said your best course of action may be to just ask to be appointed a public defender (if your a young person w/o a solid job or a student this is easy), because the sentences for a DUI are pretty standard for a 1st offense as long as there is no extenuating circumstances ( previous reckless driving, this DUI resulted in an accident, ect ) Now if you do find an expensive, connected enough lawyer I have seen people have everything from charges dropped (which would of been easy if you didn't take the blood test) to the standard (~$2000 fine, victim impact panel, and completion of alcohol education classes) So unless this is an case with special circumstances, it may be best to save your money and try to get the public


Hopefully Clementine was happy with Court's decision, which likely could have been resolved by a divorce mediator rather than throught litigation.

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