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May 13, 2010


Naegle Law Firm

Sounds like she is going to need an experienced criminal defense attorney. She still doesn't stand much of a chance of getting off but maybe a reduced sentense.

Peter is a joke.
It's always about pointing the finger at someboby else. LOL "the sane and sensible".




Great Karma you are a disgusting human.

Mike H

Video Interview with Zimmer Barnes on Monday June 6th about his mother, Carolyn Barnes Case.

B Hunt

Thursday June 2

More on the saga of Carolyn Barnes.

You all remember Carolyn Barnes, of the “Leander Attorney shoots Census Worker”, or sometimes, “shoots at census worker” fame.

Barnes, who was originally to have a jury trial on February 28, was fast approaching a second trial setting on June 13. Of course, it would be hard to go to trail, as the prosecution has no evidence, no witnesses, no nothing, so, I know, let’s not have a trial! And, two witnesses who were with Barnes elsewhere on that date and at that time had come forward and identified themselves. What to do!

So, last week, May 19, after a 7 minute hearing, scuse me, trial, she was found to be mentally incompetent, and since it is mandatory to have a competency hearing before a jury, you’ll all agree, this had to be the fastest jury trial in history.

The judge, no oath of office Doug Shaver, ruled that Ms. Barnes is not competent to stand trial and has to go for mental evaluation until she regains her competency. This led to new headlines, “Barnes unfit to stand trial in attack”, “Leander woman accused of shooting at census worker deemed incompetent to stand trial”, and probably more which this reporter won’t bother to report.

Investigators have learned that not only was the incident on May 8, 2010 investigated by the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, they were assisted in the investigation by the Austin FBI. That’s right, the FBI. The FBI agents determined Barnes to be guilty of shooting at the census worker and so assisted Williamson County with the indictment.

Barnes has never been able to stand trial and when she showed up for her jury trial she was arrested and held in jail to no bond. Judge, no oath of office, Shaver revoked her bond and threw the key to the cell away. She has been held in jail since February 28, 2011 in solitary confinement, in shackles, allowed no phone calls and no visitors.

When she was found to be incompetent, she was ordered to be moved to a West Texas Mental Health facility. On June 1, at 2:00 a.m. she was awakened for transport to Vernon, Texas. When the Williamson County Sheriff’s office released her to the custody of the mental health folks, she was given the mail which had been withheld from her, including 2 copies of a habeas corpus petition which she had laboriously hand written and sent out (postage due) to be typed up and returned to her for signature.

In order to follow the rest of the story, be aware that Kathleen Gittel the “census worker” who was allegedly confronted by Barnes when Gittel went to Barnes property to enumerate the census, states in all the reports and all the 911 calls and the census form report that she was on 33 Indian Trail. Over and over 33 Indian Trail. It should have bothered this crack investigative team consisting of the Williamson County Sheriff’s investigators in concert with FBI agents, that Barnes lives at 419 Indian Trail. On top of a hill in a deeply wooded area with no other houses around for at least a half a mile.

Could Gittel have stumbled onto Barnes property by mistake? Not only not likely, it is impossible. Did the crack investigators notice the discrepancy in the addresses? Evidently not. They must have determined, perhaps after sending the no gun, no ammo, no shell casings, no bullet holes, no evidence of any kind to the CSI labs, where even Hollywood couldn’t help them, that, what the heck, we’ll just charge her anyway, we don’t like her, after all.

The update: On Tuesday, May 31st, Carolyn’s son, Zimmer, who is holding down the fort in his mother’s absence, had to run errands in Cedar Park, a nearby town. He parked at the Cedar Park annex, which houses various Williamson County government offices, including a Sheriff’s office. As a matter of fact, this was where the crack teams met on May 8, 2010 when they hatched the plan that gave rise to the charge against Carolyn Barnes.

After running errands, Zimmer went back to the car, a black Jeep, and it wouldn’t start. Deader than a wedge. He called a friend, they still couldn’t start it and they determined that they would leave the Jeep parked at the annex until they could get it towed to another friend’s house for repairs.

Sometime after 2 a.m. (that’s important, remember, Carolyn began her transport at 2) someone, probably a deputy Sheriff, drove into the parking lot and noticed the Jeep. No one had seen it there before, it had just mysteriously appeared. The cops knew it was Carolyn’s car. Panic set in. They (the same brains who masterminded the investigation about the “census worker”) quickly determined that Carolyn Barnes had escaped in transit, made her way back to her house, rigged the Jeep with some sort of terrorist device, maybe a bomb, and left it at the annex, probably to blow it up. Who knows what happened then. Was the bomb squad called in? Did the dogs sniff the car? Was the little robot set upon the Jeep to check for who knows what? We’ll have to wait for open records to review the tapes, but, it probably was a well-populated circus.

Meanwhile, in order to ascertain how the culprit got away, the deputies, maybe even the Sheriff himself, called the transit dudes. Has Barnes escaped? No, we’re transporting her. Are you sure she hasn’t escaped? Yes. Let me talk to her. The transporters put Barnes on the phone and she was asked why her car was parked at the Cedar Park Annex. Barnes answered, “How would I know, I’ve been in solitary confinement for three months.” Satisfied that the great Houdini had not made her getaway, the deputies had the Jeep towed to the Williamson County Sheriff’s impound.

When Zimmer went to check on the Jeep and found it missing, the trail was cold and covered up. It took him a long time, a lot of phone calls and finally resorting to going door to door to the offices in the annex to see if anyone knew where the car was. When it was finally explained to him that the car had been the object of a terrorist threat, he made contact with Detective Gleeson who was greatly relieved to know that the car had crapped out on Zimmer and been left by him. Zimmer was told that he could retrieve the car from the lot at no cost to him. Nice folks these.

Isn’t it refreshing to know that Ma Barker/Mata Hara/Bonnie of Bonnie and Clyde is alive and well in the minds of the obviously intelligent, rational investigators of the Keystone Kops, scuse me, Williamson County Sheriff’s office?

And don’t we all have to admit, these are some fine, sane, sensible investigators, right?

Cop Watcher

You must be the Judge, or perhaps the lawyer involved with handling her case.... Just make it go away, right? Great Karma will come around...

Great Karma

Barnes is a freaking nut just like just like her fat psycho friend in High Gabriel. She is now in the state hospital. If they would commit the psycho I would have a huge party. It is truely where they both belong.

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